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Call Shop Solutions

Complete call-shop solutions for existing and potential call shop and internet cafe owners
Hosted software based on Pactolus, which terminates calls at competitive rates with premium quality, and can scale to thousands of simultaneous calls without crashing

We proudly possess the fact that our system never crashes during peak days like Diwali, Eid, Christmas, etc.

We have a very seamless VPN solution that enables you to work in markets where VOIP is blocked. A VPN software is installed on your PC in just a few minutes that enables you to keep running your other providers separately as well

Features include

  • A bundled turnkey solution: Call shop software and VOIP call termination
  • Agent/Reseller modules available
  • Live online reporting
  • Fast account activation
  • Simple configuration
  • High quality of voice traffic
  • Fully functional and user-friendly interface for monitoring calls and charging customers
  • No signup or monthly fees
  • Excellent customer service




News & Events

March 30, 2009
Recently signed Interconnect with Stage One Egypt VoIP carrier.....
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March 15th, 2009
Just launched extremely remarkable Reseller Program for Gulf resellers ..... 
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February 27th, 2009.
Our engineering department has come up with Innovative VoIP Switch solution .....
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January 15th, 2009.
Our Market reports for last year reflect the major business staked by ALMVoIP .....
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